User Experience Prototyping

User experience prototyping is the process of testing a design solution and gathering feedback on it from internal and external parties before construction of the final product begins. The prototype remains fluid as the team revises the design iteratively based on user feedback.


Behind every review is an experience that matters

Alexandra Epps

Alexandra Epps

Official Guide and Lecturer at Tate Modern,
Tate Britain and Guildhall Art Gallery

“I have found Simon to be super efficient both building and updating my website as and when necessary - thank you Simon!”


Bronwyn Smith

Customer Platform Scrum Master, Centrica Hive Limited

“Simon is great to work with. I have found him to be level-headed with a positive attitude and clear communication. Simon collaborates well, liaising directly with the BA's, designers, and the QA team to confirm requirements and has a great turn-around time. Simon is flexible and has worked across multiple teams on many of our projects.”


Johan Haynes

Digital Director, Aecor

“Simon’s invaluable suggestions and improvements helped create a stable, cross platform site and he pays attention to improve the aesthetics of the site as well as the functionality. It’s obvious he takes tremendous pride in his work.”


Freddie Smith

CEO, Foro

“Simon joined my team to help deliver a project with an incredibly tight deadline. Simon showed great enthusiasm and put in a lot of additional hard work to get up to speed quickly on the project. This was extremely beneficial for the team. If the opportunity arises for you to work with Simon, I would encourage you to do so.”


Wojciech Lotz

CEO, island14

“Simon is a pleasure to work with, a very patient and skilled development leader. We have worked together on numerous complex projects, very often against tight deadlines and he always delivered top quality work achieving all business goals.”


Yuriy Kharchenko

Software Engineer

“I know Simon as an outstanding professional who always strives to get things done, being focused on quality and consistency of his work, with sharp attention to any details. I would definitely recommend him.”



Co Founder & Creative Director, Studio Blup

“Over 10 years I’ve seen Simon excel at his field of web development. He goes above and beyond in collaboration opportunities with different brands.”


Tim Masliuchenko

Lead Software Developer

“Simon is a first-class developer with a broad set of skills. He is always open to help and it has been easy to work with Simon on a daily basis. I highly recommend Simon.”


Robert Keresnyei

Remote Full-Stack Ruby on Rails Engineer at Marketer

“Simon gets things done and what he delivers is always high quality. He is one of the most productive developers that I've worked with.”